Dreams About An Aswang


An aswang is a monster which can change its shape and has a combination traits of a vampire, a ghoul and other werebeast species found in the Philippines. Dreaming about an aswang symbolizes good and bad feelings depending on what happens with an aswang in a dream. Below are some dreams about an aswang and what they indicate to your waking life. Dreaming that you are looking an eye to an eye with an aswang maybe a sign that you have reached a point in life where you have decided to fight back with challenges. You are maybe undergoing through a hard situation that you are nearly giving up, but it maybe the time for you to stand strong and face them.

Having a dream where you see

Having a dream where you see an aswang and get worried symbolizes that you are undergoing a situation where everything in life looks confusing. You are maybe having many issues that you need to solve at once to make your life move on. This dream foretells you to find a way either by finding advice from friends or any other people who may be willing to help you. Dreaming that an aswang attacks you maybe a sign that you are not taking care of your body. You may get infected with illness anytime since you eat and drink without considering a good diet. It is better to take a precaution and change your feeding habit and consider taking a balanced diet to avoid being attacked by diseases.

To see an aswang in a

To see an aswang in a dream changing in shape symbolizes that the time for you to make a change has come. You are maybe fearing to start a business because you may encounter with losses and close it down. It maybe that you are hesitating to start your family because you fear about your low standard life and how you can manage it. This dream motivates you to make a step and try to start anything that you feel is right to your life. To have a dream where you are eaten by an aswang indicates a warning that something bad might happen to you. It is time for you to be extra careful with your friends and other people who surround you. Carry out your home works and avoid going out for gatherings like parties and any celebrations.

Dreams About An Aswang

Fighting with an aswang in a dream symbolizes that you need to learn new ways to solve problems in your life. Maybe you have been ignoring advice from other people and tried to fight independently. It is time for you to involve other people’s help and advice so that it can add your strength to face challenges in your life. Dreaming that you see an aswang which is invisible indicates that you are trying to avoid some important things in your life. It maybe about an advice that you were given by your parents but you are trying to avoid it. You are maybe having some capital to start a business but you decide to use it in other issues.

Engaging in relationship with an aswang maybe a sign that you are facing hardship in your marriage. Maybe your partner is not giving you your conjugal rights and you have fear of talking about the issue. This dream foretells you to open up yourself to your partner and solve the issues before things get worse and you may end up in a divorce. To dream that, you have killed and aswang symbolizes a new beginning in your life. Maybe you have a new lover in a relationship and you are already enjoying a new life. It maybe a new business that you have started and you are no longer employed.

Dreaming that you are running away from an aswang indicates that you have lost hope in your life. You may have encountered hardships in your relationship or in a business and you are deciding to quit. In summary, dreams about an aswang represents good feelings like being able to overcome challenges, getting new advice to develop your life and a new beginning in your life. It may also represent bad feelings such as being divorced, facing impenetrable problems and being attacked by diseases. Dream interpretation about an aswang helps you to know a better option to take in your waking life.