How Life Is Both a Reality and a Fantasy

Philosophers feel situations work in a

Reality and dreams are two separate entities which are important when discussing life. The existence of humanity is not yet understood as people found themselves on earth one day. When a person dreams of becoming a particular thing, he is seen as someone who is imaginative. A person comes to the world with nothing and goes with nothing. This illustrates that a man’s time on earth is for a particular time. Life is seen as a dream because people find themselves without knowing how they came into existence.

Nobody has seen the creator before but believes he exists through faith. Reality can be discussed from several perspectives as people have diversified opinions about this term. When a person or animal can think and accomplish tasks, it is seen as reality. A mentally balanced person is not in real life because everything such a person does is unknown to him. A properly-thinking individual finds everything done real because he does things well. Anytime a human sleeps, everything that happens to him is not real anymore. Humans find themselves in dreamland when they sleep.

Dreams entail how a man visualizes

Dreaming while sleeping doesn’t make life a reality as everything an individual sees in a dream is not real. This might be a vision of what is going to happen in real life. A fellow in a conscious position sees life as a reality as everything such a human does is real. Life can be viewed from a religious, philosophical, scientific, and religious viewpoint. Scientists believe that God does not exist as they feel humans are created from the decay of minerals like coal. According to philosophers, life is assumed to be simulated due to the way events unfold.

Philosophers feel situations work in a programmed way and can’t be controlled by humans. Psychologists admit the way you think will determine whether life is real or just a dream. When somebody dreams of a situation, he is believed to be in an imaginary position. A psychologist assumes that a man’s sense of organ controls his view of life. Dreams can be positive thoughts a man harbors in his mind. If a man thinks of being successful, this is thought to be a dream as he hasn’t achieved his goals.

How Life Is Both a Reality and a Fantasy

From a philosophical viewpoint, life is seen as a dream due to how events unfold within a period. The time a child is born is the day a race begins. Humans find themselves on earth based on how events unfold with time. These events work with time and are seen as a reason why philosophers feel human existence is programmed. Philosophers don’t see life as a reality but consider it a dream in real life. Images a man sees or places he has visited will affect his stance on whether life is a reality or a dream.

Dreams entail how a man visualizes physical events in real-life situations. When a man perceives life as a mere dream, he lives life without fear. The success of a fellow is his ability to see life as a dream and face challenges without any fear. Dreams are different real-life situations humans want to experience without being imagined. Your mental frame of mind is your beliefs, thoughts, imagination, and actions. A fellow’s actions will shape you to achieve your goals and become what you dream of. Your beliefs determine your thoughts and the way life is viewed either in the long term or a short time.

How Life Is Both a Reality and a Fantasy

The kind of human beings a fellow associate with can shape his thinking about whether life is just a mere dream. From a religious standpoint, God created human beings in his image and for a particular purpose. Life is both a dream and a reality from a religious perspective as the bible recorded. Finding yourself at a particular time on earth is believed by philosophers to be programmed by God. A philosopher assumes that nearly all activities a fellow does are based on simulation.

These thinkers feel that mortal beings work in a programmed way and existence is time-dependent. Despite your belief that life is a dream, it is impossible to change the context of life being a reality. The way you view life as being a reality or a dream will determine your personality.