Ways Of Knowing If You Are Dreaming

Ways Of Knowing If You Are Dreaming

Dreams come as a series of images that represent ideas of what a person thinks about before going to sleep. It occurs without your plans meaning you cannot interfere with the time it comes. It’s difficult sometimes to differentiate between the actual life and dreams as things may happen successively.

Instances such as accidents and the use of certain drugs could cause you to hallucinate. Several tactics will help you to identify the difference between the two scenarios if they occur in your life. Everyone knows the behavior in a day that can help explain what happens when they are dreaming or while awake. It’s essential to record your activities and routine to aid in directing your prediction when faced with a challenging task.

Check those around to ensure they

Understand the environment that you are in by performing various tests to prove the events. Train your mind to try and pick specific pictures after waking up. This will enable easy noticing of a strange environment. Try touching objects in your room and check if they are real. If possible, attempt to push them and see if they pick the motion. You will notice that in a dream the items will not move compared to life.

Check those around to ensure they are talking and can answer your questions. This will be good proof that your situation is true. The people you see should be those present in your life. If your communication is with people you know are not alive, consider it a dream. Another aspect to identify is the appearance of those people and how they talk to you.

Find a mirror for easy observation

When things that are considered scary are simple, they can help you discover the truth about your dreams. A good example is if you will cross a river or a bridge that brings fear to you then there are higher chances it’s a dream. Check if people in the streets know your names and other details as this is impossible in truth. The capacity for all to know your names exists in dreams meaning if all people passing by call you by name then it’s a dream.

Find a mirror for easy observation of your body structure to picture the similarity. Your shape should be appropriate as it happens when a person is out of bed. This means that it should not be disfigured or having an extra weight from how it should be. In a dream, the body will appear to have a reflection that could cause blurred vision as your body appears to be covered in fog. When the reflection is clear, dreaming is out of the count.

Ways Of Knowing If You Are Dreaming

The next thing to do is to test your strength, especially when lifting simple things such as your pillow. A pillow will seem heavy when lifting it in a dream making it easy to visualize the differences. If lifting heavy objects is easy for your body, this is a clear sign that you are sleeping. Try to perform moves such as floating to see if it is working well or pick other difficult physical activities. Once a person can fly it’s difficult to deny that he is dreaming as human beings cannot perform this task.

Get an electrical apparatus and practice switching it on to ensure your senses are working appropriately. Observe if your abilities allow faster switching from your actual position. Switch off the lights in your room while observing your behavior as everything changes. Another way to measure if your events are happening in a dream is to check the relieving habits as they inform your state. Going for your actions in any place without fear is proof that you are sleeping as the mind is free of conscious ideas. In a normal circumstance, your mind will prevent a person from peeing in bed or the living room because of respect and fear.

Your habits will help identify things that are occurring in your environment. If there is a change in consistency or how ideas flow, start finding the best ways to discover events happening. Distortions of reading habits could be a sign of cutting an individual from reality. A habit such as opening your door where your keys will take shorter to respond while other times it takes longer could prove the difference in these two scenarios.