What is A Dream That Comes True

What is A Dream That Comes True

Precognitive dreams are dreams that come true in real life after you have them while sleeping. When you dream, your subconscious might be telling you about a future event, but people will not consider it important until an incident that is related to the dream occurs. Your dream could be a synthesis of real clues of an incident that will occur. People will not notice these clues when awake but this might occur while in your sleep. When sleeping, your mind is relaxed giving your subconscious mind a chance to show you the events that occur in your life including those from the future. People who have precognitive dreams dismiss them but later on realize that the incidents that happened in the dream are happening in real life.

Sometimes it might just be a

Sometimes it might just be a coincidence that what you have in your dreams happens conforms with the activities happening in real life. It could just be a coincidence because it is normal for tragedies to be in life. Dreams can be a reflection of the events that occur in real life; however, it is normal to have accidents, earthquakes or other tragedies. When a dreamer dreams of an earthquake which happens later on, this does not necessarily mean that the dream was a prediction of the future but rather a coincidence. Dreaming of the normal things that occur in people’s lives, will come true as such occasions are part of their lives.

Since your dreams reflect on your

Since your dreams reflect on your thoughts and feelings, there are dreams that can be influenced to come true. When you have a desire to accomplish something, you will spend most of your time analyzing it without getting the best solution. While sleeping, you can come up with the best idea while dreaming and when implemented, the events just turn out the same way they happened in your dream. When people have a challenge that must be faced, being anxious will make them dream of the possible outcomes which might come true. A person will begin to believe the probability of the outcome which might affect them when facing the challenge. This can be the case when a student has a test to tackle and dream about either succeeding or failing which affects their performance.

What is A Dream That Comes True

People who strongly believe in precognitive dreams are forced to make a connection between their dream and an unrelated event that happens. An incident that brings emotions that are similar to what a person felt in their dreams could make a person mistake the dream as a precognitive dream. They will start thinking that what they dreamt symbolized a thing and relate it to an occasion that is not related to the dream. This is because they strongly believe that anything they dream, has a resemblance with what will happen making them try to collect details to explain an event that happened.

Even without thinking, knowledge of your problems will make them show up in your dreams. If a spouse dreams of breaking up with their partner, and it happens, it is because the spouse knew that a problem existed between them hence dreamt about a break up happening. The thoughts that you were avoiding will come to you in your dreams. Your mind will make connections to incidents that you do not know. The incidents that surface in your dreams could eventually take place in future. Dreams have different events increasing the possibility of an event coming true from your dreams. Such dreams can be fueled by your fears and what you are avoiding.

These dreams are mostly negative and come as a tragedy that will happen in the future. Most precognitive dreams are always based around something bad happening. A dreamer will dream about death, accident or floods, and they happen. It is on rare occasions that you find a person who has dreamt of an exciting event which happens.

A person will dream of a tragedy and there is a high possibility that it will happen. These dreams are always vivid/intense, and you will find them of great significance to you. Most of these dreams showcase a bad thing that will happen in your life. Dreams that come true rarely have a positive effect on the dreamer.